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Interview on BBC 1Xtra
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AfroReggaeDigital is an online radio station and radio training facility based in AfroReggae's community centre in Parada de Lucas, a favela on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

ARD provides classes in radio production to young members of the community and broadcasts their shows over the internet, at

ARD Vital Statistics

Full Station Name: AfroReggaeDigital
Location: Nucleo de AfroReggae, Parada de Lucas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Frequency: Online -
Installed in: May 2007
Collaborating Partner(s): Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, Izzy Fairbairn
Main Objectives: Teaching young people radio skills, promoting AfroReggae's message worldwide
More Info:
Station Contact: Herbeson Alves (email: herbeson.alves (at)

Latest News

November 2008: ARD Student works with various stations in Rio and Porto Alegre

Juliana Cobrinha, a young radio producer from the favela of Parada de Lucas, who learned her radio skills at AfroReggaeDigital, has gone on to start working with radio stations 107 FM and Roquete FM in Rio. We wish her the best of luck in her new career!

May 2008:  ARD Students set up a blog page for Vozes da Favela

In May 2008, students from AfroReggaeDigital set up a blog page for their show Vozes da Favela.  To see the blog, please go to:

Oct 2008: AfroReggae's weekly radio show Conexoes Urbanas to be recorded at ARD studios

Conexoes is a weekly show covering everything happening in the world of AfroReggae.  The show will now be recorded at ARD's studios, put up on the ARD site and then broadcast on local radio stations Ipanema FM in Porto Alegre, Radio Eldorado in Sao Paulo and Radio MPB in Rio de Janeiro.

The show is hosted by Marcello Silva e Patrícia Ferrer, providing a space for new music and new trends which are not covered by the mainstream media. As it says on the ARD website:

"A idéia principal do Conexões Urbanas é dar espaço às novas criações musicais, às novas tendências e às tradições culturais que passam longe do centro das atenções da grande mídia. Levar o público a conhecer, numa linguagem simples e direta, as criações que borbulham no Brasil e no mundo.

O programa recebe importantes nomes da nossa cultura para entrevistas e apresenta cantores, compositores, artistas e figuras do cotidiano; pessoas que no dia-a-dia fazem, principalmente através da arte, um caminho diferente e alternativo para divulgar o seu trabalho."


History of the project

In 2007 RadioActive partnered with AfroReggae and Izzy Fairbairn to set up, a radio training school and internet radio station broadcasting from AfroReggae's nucleo in the favela of Parada de Lucas, Rio de Janeiro.

AfroReggaeDigital is the first internet radio station to broadcast from a favela in Rio.

Listen to AfroReggaeDigital broadcasting from Rio!

To listen to AfroReggaeDigital online, go to:

Grupo Cultural AfroReggae

The station is now run by AfroReggae, a Brazilian NGO seeking to divert favela youths from entanglement in the drug trade. 

Their work includes:

- Mediating between rival drug factions
- Establishing cultural centres in the favelas
- Raising awareness through talks, concerts and events
- Employing favela residents in music, IT and cultural projects
- Providing professional training in theatre, dance, music and computing
- Starting and developing new bands, circuses, theatre groups, exhibitions, and much, much more

Rio's Favelas

Favelas are the slums that have built up over the last 40 years around Brazil's major cities. There are almost 5000 armed children working in drug factions in Rio’s favelas.  The youth of each favela are not allowed to go into favelas under the command of different druglords. They are brought up thinking of people in those favelas as 'the enemy'. Parada de Lucas and the neighbouring community Vigario Geral have experienced horrific violence for the last 20 years, as two gangs have used it as a battleground to fight over drug-selling territory. 

AfroReggae has over 70 social projects aiming to show these children another way.  They have set up nuclei, community arts and cultural centres, in several different favelas. This is where AfroReggae base most of their activities in each of the favelas where they work.  They aim to bring people from different favelas together through their projects, one of which is AfroReggaeDigital.

Goals of the Project

AfroReggaeDigital provides radio training to residents of Parada de Lucas, teaching them to produce and present their own radio shows on the station. The goal of the station is to provide residents with the skills, confidence and platform to express their views and tell their stories.

Future steps will involve adding a listening point in each nucleo, where people from that favela will be able to come and listen to the station broadcasting from Parada de Lucas, to hear the stories from Parada de Lucas and also to be able to contribute to the station. A whole new avenue of communication will be opened up for the youth of these favelas. A place to share their stories, share their ideas, and work together to find solutions to the problems they face.

Videos from the AfroReggaeDigitalStudio

Bando Kitoto, one of AfroReggae's many bands.. 



Students from AfroReggaeDigital..


Anderson and DJ Magic Julio from the main AfroReggae band in the studio..


Favela Feva

To raise funds for this project, Izzy Fairbairn has held a big event called Favela Feva, twice at Guanabara and once at the AKA Bar (venues in Central London).  The events were a great success. You can listen to music and see pictures from the first Favela Feva night on BBC Radio 1Xtra's website.

You can also listen to an interview with RadioActive Director Max Graef on L Double's show on Radio 1Xtra, broadcast live from backstage at Favela Feva in the media bar on the left.

Check out their site at AfroReggaeDigital!

For more photos and audio from the project, go to

The HTML site was purpose-built by our IT superhero Mark Benewith. This basic format was used to allow the students to learn HTML and take on the responsability of managing the site.

AfroReggaeDigital Contributors

Thanks to radio trainers Helen Clegg and Fabio Machado, volunteers Kasey Coates, Juliano Fiori, Stephen Fleg, Portuguese Interpreter Ritchie Nicola, AfroReggaeDigital student Ariana da Silva and of course Grupo Cultural AfroReggae for making this project a success.   


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