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Welcome to the RA community radio resources page. 

Here you will find lots of links and documents relating to the many aspects of community radio: technical, licensing, station management, production, funding sources, potential partners and more.

We would like this site to be as useful as possible.  If you would like to see anything here that you cannot find, or have any documents or links that you think should be here, please send your questions andsuggestions to christi (at)

If you are from an organisation which supports community radio and would like to be listed here, please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For country-specific information, please click here.

For resources that might be useful in more than one country, please look at the sections below:

Training Materials

Community Radio Technology
- Links to online resources about community radio technology and technical issues that might be affecting your station.

Prometheus Radio - Article and Documents - Lots of technical articles on everything from the basic electronics of radio to how to build an antenna tower.

Radiophony - FAQs on low power radio technology.

* * * * *


Setting up a Radio Station - Guides to setting up stations and links to online resources for station management

Community Radio Toolkit - A complete handbook for those working in or setting up a community radio station, with particular focus on UK licensing rules andregulations, but lots of useful stuff no matter where you are based.

* * * * * 

Radio Production

I Train Online Multimedia Kit
- a wide range of training materials on everything from web programming to radio journalism

Media Helping Media - A portal of training materials from professional journalists covering media management, editorial ethics, journalism training and investigative journalism.

Rad10 - "a website for people interested in making great radio. Whether you are a professional, or someone starting out in community radio, the following pages should give you some information and some inspiration; and make you passionate about creating outstanding radio."

Radio Presenting  - A website dedicated to providing information and guidance for those wishing to get into radio presenting, with tips, links, recommendations and tutorials.

 * * * * *

Working in Radio

Advice from The Radio Academy, UK  - Lots of useful hints and tips for those interested in working in radio.

* * * * *

Universal Access


ICT Regulation Toolkit Homepage - "This is a live resource for policy-makers, regulators, the telecom industry, and consumers. It provides a global overview of how telecom policy is best implemented with practical materials highlighting experience and results."

ICT Regulation Toolkit Overview - An overview of the community radio approach as a way to promote universal access and service (UAS), using the experiences of various countries as a reference


* * * * *

Online audio (programmes and spots available for download)


Pulsar (en castellano) - an initiative by AMARC ALC offering audio programming for community radio stations in Spanish.

Radialistas Apasionadas y Apasionados (en castellano) - each day Radialistas upload a new audio clip, from 2- 15 minutes long, covering a range of topical issues from women's rights and gender to tips on radio production. Over 3000 community radio stations across the Spanish speaking world download their clips each day.  Scripts can also be downloaded for stations with slow internet conncections.

Rede de Mulheres de CEMINA (em português)

Panos (in English) - Downloadable radio features on a wide range of topics from the UK-based charity Panos London.

* * * * *

Funding Opportunities

The Communication Initiative Grants List


* * * * *



Communication Initiative Classifieds




The Radio Academy  - Advice on getting started in the radio industry.

* * * * *
International organisations and networks that support community radio

AMARC - World Association of Community Broadcasters

Communications Initiative

Creative Radio -
A forum for people active or interested in using radio creatively in international public health, development and related fields. Creative Radio tries to bridge the gap between journalism and humanitarian, post-conflict
and development activities. To join the list, visit or send a blank e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Panos London - promoting dialogue, debate and change with practical resources for professional journalists.

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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