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From October to December 2009, RadioActive worked on four community radio stations in North and North East Brazil with the Movimento de Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST).   

MST Coordinators Severino and Lu participate in a RadioActive workshop

The MST support landless rural workers to help them create new communities on abandoned or unproductive land.  In the last 25 years they have helped 370,000 families gain access to land and create new futures for themselves and their families.  For more information on the MST please visit their site: or watch these short films: Part 1 and Part 2

MST Brazil Partnership Vital Statistics

Number of projects worked on: 4
States worked in: Bahia, Pernambuco, Ceará and Pará
Number of people trained: 48 
Projects worked on
1. MST FM, 87.7 MHz, Wenceslau-Guimarães, Bahia
2. Radio Cultura Viva, Caruaru, Pernambuco 
3. Lagoa do Mineiro FM, Itarema, Ceará 
4. Radio Resistencia Camponesa, 88.9 MHz, Ilha do Mosqueiro, Pará
Objectives of the stations: to provide a local message board, to promote local events and culture, promote community identity and participation, promote the message of the MST, provide young people with something fun and engaging to get involved in.
Funding for the project: The Illumine Foundation and the MST
MST Contact: Camila Bonassa, comunicacao_sp (at)

Story of the project

RA Director Max Graef teamed up with MST Coordinator Camila Bonassa to visit four rural communities to provide equipment and training for their community radio stations.  In three of the projects this involved installing new stations and in the case of Lagoa do Mineiro FM, they were already on the air, so new equipment was provided and training to improve the capacity of the station staff.

In Lagoa do Mineiro, RA volunteer Ritchie Nicola also came to provide addititional technical support and training.  

Topics covered in the training include: What is Community Radio, Conducting a Listener Survey, How Radio Works, How to use the Studio, English Technical Words (that can be found on the equipment/software), Making Cables, Ideas for Radio Programmes, Objectives of a Programme, Elements of a Programme, Interviews and Vox Pops, Making Jingles, Using Audition to Edit Audio, Writing a Radio Script, ZaraRadio for Broadcasting, Communication and Power, Sources of Information and Making Radio Spots.

Video from the project..

Here is some footage and interviews from the trip.  More to follow shortly! 



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